Nicky Pastorelli is a true master at multitasking. Not only is he a successful racecar driver, he also works for his father’s company buying, selling and maintaining Italian super cars, and started his own business last year.

All his work is based on passion. Passion for cars, passion for racing, passion for the world of motorsports, old and new.

Combining his talents, passion and his eye for beauty, he started Pastorelli Classics: rebuilding, restoring and selling classic cars.

His speciality: restoring classic cars to the beauty they once were with pure dedication and craftmanship. The result so far: a first place at the Concours 24 Hours of Elegance (Concours d’Elegance & Luxury Salon) in Belgrade (Serbia), for a restored Ferrari 212 Inter Ghia.

Nicky Pastorelli: “I have been very passionate about classic cars from a very early age. Last year I had the opportunity to make my dream come true; to bring these cars back to a perfect condition while keeping the originality in order to satisfy and mostly exceed the expectations of the owners.”